Isn't that Amazing

from Climate Change Songs by Enda Reilly



A kids song about the earth and how most of the energy we get comes from the Sun originally. It was inspired by hearing that if all life on earth were to disappear then all the oxygen would be gone within a million years. The recording was done on Earth Day 2014.


In the Sun hydrogen comes together
It burns so bright in the sky
Heats the planet
It Makes the wind blow
which Makes the flora grow
Which gives us oxygen
Isn’t that amazing?

Some of this energy
gets stored away
In peat and coal and gas and oil
that we burn every day

We burned and burn the fuel
We thought that it was cool
But now we know it’s not
The Earth has got too hot
The Earth has got too hot


Isn’t that Amazing
Isn’t that Amazing
Isn’t that Amazing

Now we need to find
A different kind of energy
That doesn’t hurt the planet
And won’t cost too much money

Like the wind that blows
Or the flora that grows
Or maybe hydrogen
or the Sun that keeps on blazing
Wouldn’t that be amazing


So let’s put up a good fight
Keep Carbon in our sights
And maybe one fine day
We will find a way


from Climate Change Songs, released January 3, 2011
Enda Reilly




Enda Reilly Plymouth, Michigan

Enda Reilly is a folk singer, songwriter and guitarist drawing influences from the likes of Christy Moore, John Martyn, Nick Drake and Dick Gaughan.
Rooted in the past with songs that strive for a better future, Enda Reilly’s work invites you to see the world from his varied and unique perspective through each new song.
Original songs in Irish and English, WB Yeats' poetry and collaborations.
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