Let's Change

from Climate Change Songs by Enda Reilly



Written because of a discussion I end upp having with Students about Climate Change in my Climate Change Songs Workshops, so thanks to them for all their ideas and thoughts.
The elephant in the room of course especially in Ireland is Nuclear Power.(Another song needed for that i think!) One thing is for sure though, the future needs to get away from fossil fuels. Watch this talk for more up to date info www.ted.com/talks/james_hansen_why_i_must_speak_out_about_climate_change.html


Dm G Bb Am
Fossil Fuels think they rule lets show them What we’re made of.
Fossil Fuels think they rule lets show them What we’re made of.
Dm G Bb Am
Oil and Gas and Coal and Peat
These are what we use for heat
F C G Am
And Electricity And driving and flying!
F G Dm
But there’s another way
A different energy
Solar panels
Wind turbines
And Hydro electricity
Solar panels
Wind turbines
And Hydro electricity
A A7
And Heat exchange
Let’s change lets change!!


from Climate Change Songs, track released September 3, 2012
Written, sung and recorded by Enda Reilly




Enda Reilly Plymouth, Michigan

Enda Reilly is a folk singer, songwriter and guitarist drawing influences from the likes of Christy Moore, John Martyn, Nick Drake and Dick Gaughan.
Rooted in the past with songs that strive for a better future, Enda Reilly’s work invites you to see the world from his varied and unique perspective through each new song.
Original songs in Irish and English, WB Yeats' poetry and collaborations.
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