The Lakes Of Pontchartrain

from From The Live Stream by Enda Reilly



I've been singing this for years. It's one of the classics. There are great versions by Paul Brady and by Christy Moore, which you should have a listen to!


‘Twas on one fine March morning, I bid New Orleans adieu
And I took the road to Jackson Town, my fortune to renew
And I cursed all foreign money, no credit could I gain
Which filled my heart with a longing for, the Lakes of Pontchartrain

So I stepped on board a railroad car beneath the morning sun
And I rode the rods ‘til evening where I lay me down again
Well all strangers they were no friends to me 'til a dark girl towards me came
And I fell in love with a Creole Girl, by the Lakes of Pontchartrain

I said "My pretty Creole lass, me money, it is no good,
Were it not for the alligators, sure I'd sleep here in the wood"
"You're welcome here kind stranger though our house is very plain,
we never turn a stranger out on the banks of Pontchartrain"

So she took me into her mammy's house and she treated me right well
And the hair upon her shoulders in jet black ringlets fell
To try and paint her beauty, I am sure it would be in vain
So handsome was my Creole girl by the Lakes of Pontchartrain

So I asked her if she'd marry me, she said that never could be
For she had got a lover and he was far at sea
And she said that she would wait for him and true she would remain
Til he'd return to his Creole girl by the Lakes of Pontchartrain

So It's fare thee well, my Creole girl, I'll never see you more
And i won’t forget your kindness in that cottage by the shore
And at each social gathering, a flowing glass I'll drain
And I'll drink to the health of my Creole girl, by the Lakes of Pontchartrain


from From The Live Stream, released October 11, 2017
Recorded, mixed and Mastered by Enda




Enda Reilly Plymouth, Michigan

Enda Reilly is a folk singer, songwriter and guitarist drawing influences from the likes of Christy Moore, John Martyn, Nick Drake and Dick Gaughan.
Rooted in the past with songs that strive for a better future, Enda Reilly’s work invites you to see the world from his varied and unique perspective through each new song.
Original songs in Irish and English, WB Yeats' poetry and collaborations.
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